Proffesional Hair Care Products:

Is there a difference between cheaper products and Professional Hair Care Products?

The simple answer is yes! You get whay you pay for.

The cheaper brands and professional salon brands normally have similar or the same ingredients, however the difference is in the quantities of the ingredients.  Salon products have a much higher percentage of the proteins and vitamins that your hair needs to stay healthy. 

All shampoos contain a lathering agent. The safest agent to use in a shampoo is called sodium laureth sulfite.  Our products contain this ingredient.  This is the gentlest type for hair and scalp.  It does not produce a huge lather, but the lather does not signify the cleansing ability.  Please do not be confused by cheaper brands which appear similar and contain:

  • ammonium laurel sulfate
  • ammonium laureth sulfate
  • sodium laurel sulfate

These three ingredients produce a rich lather, but are not kind to either hair or scalp.

Salon conditioners will also contain  more of the important moisturisers and proteins, your hair needs. This means that they have a better chance of sinking deep into the hair shaft, when applied.  The manufacturers only need to include a tiny percentage of the ingredients to list them in the contents.  The professional products have a higher percentage of the ingredient in the bottle or tube.

The same principal applies to gels, mousses etc.

In summary, there is not enough of the good ingredients in the cheaper brands and the old saying "you get what you pay for is still true".


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